The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) this week launched the Regional Energy Efficiency Database (REED).  REED currently includes 2011 energy efficiency data from the following jurisdictions: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, and New York.  However, 2012 energy efficiency data will be added to REED from these states as well as from Delaware and the District of Columbia this fall.  (See

The purpose of REED is to develop transparency and consistency in reporting of energy efficiency impacts across the region; to increase the credibility and understanding of the energy efficiency resource; and to support state and regional energy, economic and environmental policies. (Trends In New England Energy Efficiency Policy, New England Restructuring Roundtable, Sue Coakley, Executive Director Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) (Feb. 15, 2013))

Users may access to the following reporting titles and filter options (by state or region):

  • Energy Savings (by program sector and program type)
  • Demand Savings (by program sector and program type)
  • Avoided Emissions (by program sector and program type)
  • Savings as Percent of Sales (net or gross annual savings, gas or electric)
  • Total Annual Expenditures (six expenditure categories)
  • Expenditures as Percent of Total Cost (six expenditure categories)
  • Job Impacts Table (by program type, gross or net)
  • Cost of Saved Energy (levelized and lifetime cost per kWh or therm)
  • Program Funding (savings and expenditures by funding source)

REED is a product of the Regional Evaluation Measurement & Verification Forum’s development in 2010 of Common Statewide Energy Efficiency Reporting Guidelines.  The guidelines provide for state-level reporting templates and several process recommendations that provide for consistent reporting of electric and natural gas energy efficiency program energy and demand savings and associated costs, avoided emissions, and job impacts across the region.  (See  REED is available at